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The Benko Gambit is one of the most well respected gambits in chess. For this reason it is one of the main lines stemming from the Benoni Defense. This book will explain you the ideas and main lines.
Fedorowicz, John (1990). The Complete Benko Gambit. Summit. ISBN 978-0945806141. 
Two American grand masters provide a practical survey of the English Attack, one of today’s hottest opening variations. In response to Black’s Najdorf Sicilian, White plays 6 f3, which both supports the center e-pawn and prepares to launch a kingside pawn storm against Black’s castled king. However, Black can indeed postpone castling in favor of queenside expansion and regrouping the knight pair at b6 and d7, and be ready for a swift counter punch when White castles long. Tactics and sharp play abound in this most modern of chess openings where precise knowledge of variations is vital.
Fedorowicz, John; de Firmian, Nick (2004). The English Attack. Sterling. ISBN 978-0945806141.